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Billy Bob resting peacefully at my house! He is so sweet... full of kisses... deep down I think he feels relieved! He had steak off the grill tonight and we picked about 50 more ticks off of him.. He is doing BETTER than expected by far!! I want to thank everyone who looked for him... if he could kiss you all he would and he says he is sorry for making us all worry ourselves.
— with Ashley Pratt, Steph Boellner, Katie Clark and 17 othersAshley Pratt, Steph Boellner, Katie Clark, Linda Ouderkirk-Rempe, Deborah Sonnenberg, Allison Sweatt, Darlene Ghents, Barbara Schiano-Maynard, Brittany LaValle, Kiersten Fuhrmann, Lisa Casazza LaValle, Jude Langmaid, Taylor Geismar, Anna Fitzgerald Pancaldo, Justin Molnar, Virginia S. Jones, Nancy Madelung Jackson, LeeAnn Emery Jacobs, Elaine Cranston-Alleluia and Ariel LaValle.