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Darker Skies Ahead: Egypt’s Future of Uncertainties
BY: HanyGhoraba

The battle for middle earth has begun as the forces of tyranny and the forces of freedom are colliding for one decisive battle. This a memorable scene from J.R. Tolkien’s the third best selling novel of all time The Lord of the Rings resembles the situation now in Egypt. The forces of freedom have once again reunited under one b...anner in manner unseen since the first 18 days of the January 25th revolution. This time they rallied for one last decisive battle for freedom in Egypt to fight and they don’t intend to give concessions to tyranny any longer.

Egyptians of all creeds and political affiliations gathered3 times on the November 23rd , 27th and 30th2012 defying the new tyrant in the making president Morsi’s Edict and affirming that they didn’t go this far for tyrant to take away their freedoms under any pretext. Will Egypt emerge as a free country and retain its historical position as a beacon of culture for the region and the world or will it succumb to the dark ages under Islamist tyrannical rule? Only upcoming days and weeks will answer that question.

Egyptian president Dr. Mohamed Morsi who just edged his contender Dr. Ahmed Shafiq by 1% in a controversial election in June 2012, have self proclaimed himself a demigod in every sense of the word. Not since the time of the Pharaohs who even had consultants, has any Egyptian ruler assumed all powers in his/her hands like Morsi have claimed in a dark day in Egypt’s 7000 years. Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood group have single handedly euthanized the long awaited Egyptian dream for a free democratic life and a long sought after freedom.

Morsi’s Edict and constitutional declaration have surpassed any authorities accumulated any other tyrant even during Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. It’s an unprecedented instance in the Egyptian political life that a president has the audacity to sideline the Judiciary system as well hold the legislative, executive and judiciary power in his own hands.
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( IAMPAC's Note: Most dictatorships today came to power through either real or staged "democratic" elections, the Soviets had elections, Hitler was elected democratically and in 1979 the Islamists staged a fake democratic election with only 2 choices given to the voters, Islamic Republic YES or ISlamic Republic NO, and Islamic thugs with machine guns were making sure that everyone was voting YES to the given choice!! As the result only a single party has been ruling Iran for the past 33 years: "The Islamic Republic Party" and its unelected "Supreme Leader" or according to their "constitution" the "God's Representative on Earth" and "Leader of All Muslims Worldwide" has near absolute power and the so-called "reformists" are the members of the same "Islamic Republic Party" and only act as a balancing wing to the establishment to keep the single party Islamofascist regime in power.)
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— with Michael West, Le'Niece Queen, Haleh Nazari and 32 othersMichael West, Le'Niece Queen, Haleh Nazari, Tibor Krausz, Margaret Richards, Michael Ledeen, Easther Romanov, Richard Thurlow, Ronald Cutburth, Rod Baharloo, Bob Reilly, Ali Kimiai, Nas Kapkara, Mona Dí, ChristopherLee Farmer, Arash Nikbin, Nima Gholam Ali Pour, Benjamin Smith, Mohsen Yousofnejad, Max Rafii, Amir Fakhravar, Mitra Salar, Caspian Makan, Isabel Castilla, Azita Aazadi, Liliana Rose, Arash Irandoost, Morteza Abadi, Alex Agahi, Walt Martin, Paul R Griffith, Moshe Novick, Amil Imani, Sami Ra and Sassan K. Darian.Iranian-American Public Affairs Committee