Taiwo Fasuba Oluwole
Angie Connell-Nordquist
Angel Stull
Alice Boekemier
Heaven Arndt
Zabada Campbell
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Being 5 years old means starting kindergarten, making new friends, and for moms, another opportunity to learn how to clean glitter out of the floorboards. However, not all kids around the world get to see their 5th birthday. Last year, more than 7 million children died before their 5th birthday – deaths that could have been prevented with basic nutrition, vaccines, and healthcare.

On June 14th, world leaders are convening in Washington D.C. for a Child Survival call to action. Save the Children has created a petition to send these leaders a message that they need to make Child Survival a priority. You can help! Sign this petition here:

— with Taiwo Fasuba Oluwole, Zabada Campbell, Angel Stull, Heaven Arndt, Angie Connell-Nordquist and Alice Boekemier.