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Yes, I had these nails done purposefully. And I had a salon in Georgia do it last week when I was attending a wedding. Needless to say, this stirred up a tremendous amount of controversy in the south. But I have a perfectly sane reason as to why I would request a screwed up
manicure. And it goes as follows…. The trend I’m loving right now is all
about looking very “together,” lots of “head to ...toe” looks, kind of lady like, but with a lot of ease. When I was in London this summer, I had drinks with an editor from Vogue. She was of course tremendously chic and amazingly put together – fabulous Chloe shoes, the amazing Celine bag, you get the picture. But her nails were red. And they were chipped. And it just made her so much more approachable somehow. And cooler. The next week I was in Milan having drinks in the Bulgari gardens with a fashion editor from Elle. She was over the top in some insane little Moschino tops, black pups, the chicest pants ever, and some insane little bag. And her nails were red. And chipped. And somehow that just screamed “I’m put together, I love red, but really, who has the time?” What are your thoughts? See More