Leon Kappedoos
Nila Taya
Jewel Kay Mens
Kai Colo HilandBoy
Puryanti Agustina
Kevin Dermawan Epiner'z
Solomon Nnadi
Frishella Misalsalina Nangin
Mari Carbungco Cajuban
Rhia Orencia
Christian Tampus
Almin Borzola
Alvin Belen
Anthony Cairon Belen
Arlene Stacy Glover-Frair
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Dear Lord, I pray that whoever reads this shall have Your comfort, joy, peace, love and guidance and be carried by You. I may not know their troubles, but You do.
— with Leon Kappedoos, Nila Taya, Almin Borzola and 12 othersLeon Kappedoos, Nila Taya, Almin Borzola, Mari Carbungco Cajuban, Alvin Belen, Anthony Cairon Belen, Rhia Orencia, Kai Colo HilandBoy, Christian Tampus, Solomon Nnadi, Arlene Stacy Glover-Frair, Puryanti Agustina, Jewel Kay Mens, Frishella Misalsalina Nangin and Kevin Dermawan Epiner'z.