Ardi Rudy
Joseph Martinez
Boy Kenow
Norma Sanchez
Caio Barbosa
Joel Peña
Adrian Zuñiga
Taty Andrea
Cacoy Pop Rock
Shandhy Boeiyz Czhandhy
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Before everything was bought online you bought through a PO Box. My mom and Grandma used to fill the orders out of her garage "blink headquarters" to this day my grandma still talks about working for blink-182 and wears her crappy punk rock sweatshirt to this day. Wish her luck she is going in for open heart surgery. Chances are if you bought a shirt through the PO Box she packed it.
— with Ardi Rudy, blink.<3333333333333333, Joel Peña, Norma Sanchez, Taty Andrea, Adrian Zuñiga, Shandhy Boeiyz Czhandhy, Boy Kenow, Cacoy Pop Rock, Joseph Martinez and Caio Barbosa.