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'Science Fair' was very successful viewed many ways.
It was spectacular really. The exhibits were cool and very informative and well received. We spoke with media and many union members, hunters, the pubic and interested supportive passersby. Our science exhibits were really worth wile and will displayed at the Library on Halloween. See details below.

Also today the Utah Water Quality Board... heard arguments about the Strip-mine not being required monitor wastewater and did the wrong thing - . Utah is granting a permit for the first tar sand strip mine in the USA and is going to allow the mine to dump contaminated water with no monitoring into unlined strip mine pits directly over Moab's aquifer recharge area, the Book Cliffs. The mine is the first of a wave of tar sand development that would release devastating carcinogenic tsunami into the Colorado river the water supply for millions of our brothers and sisters down stream.

We anticipate extensive media coverage given interest at the science fair and hearing.

Today we begin anew our struggle for a habitable planet. We are not cooked yet.

JOIN the Tar Sand Resistance at the Library --- on Halloween and the upcoming teach in!

Halloween at the Library (SLC)
in the main auditorium 6-9 pm.
Join us at 6PM for Halloween treats and frightfully fun, family-friendly activities.
The film starts at 7PM, and discussion will follow.

Tar Sands Teach at the SLC Library
November 8th 7p Conf room A.
The Dirty Truth on Tar Sands Mining in Utah - teach-in / slide show –
Learn more and get involved at the Downtown Salt Lake City Library 200 east 400 south SLC at 7pm in conference room A. Join us for a slide show and power point presentation about proposed Tar Sands strip mining in the scenic Book Cliffs of Utah.

Looking forward to sharing more …

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