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BETA 2 has BEGUN and the NDA is NO MORE!! Chase the storm at www.Stormlegion.com/BETA

Today is an exciting day for more than one reason though - it's time for the live stream you've all been waiting for: DIMENSIONS! www.twitch.tv/trionworlds

Join us today @ 2:30PM Pacific (9:30PM GMT) as we explore our brand new feature that lets you take RIFT to new heights with a customizable slice of Telara t...o call your own!

Pre-Order now or grab a code below or at twitter.com/riftgame to join the party on BETA - Redeem them at https://account.riftgame.com/


*Please Note: Invitations are not sent automatically after applying the code but we're sending out multiple waves of invites per day!
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