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CONGRATULATIONS to the 25 lucky $500 WinCo Gift Card winners & thank you to each and every one of you that took the survey;

Invitations to take our survey are printed on select receipts, so be sure to look at your savings each & every time you shop with us!

Nancy D. - Idaho Falls, ID...
Patty M. - Olympia, WA
P M. - Las Vegas, NV
Mike T. - Spokane, WA
Laura L. - Boise, ID
Paul K. - Fairfield, WA
Allie B. - Bakersfield, CA
Ryan N. - Shingle Springs, CA
James R. - Camas, WA
Lisa M. - Henderson, NV
Barbara N. - Everett, WA
Joe S. - Vacaville, CA
Rachel C. - Pomona, CA
Ashley P. - North Ogden, UT
Olivia B. - Everett, WA
Sharon S. - Spokane, WA
Gilbert L. - Happy Valley, OR
Judy C. - Woodland, WA
Arlene C. - Puyallup, WA
Joy R. - Sherwood, OR
G L. - Sparks, NV
Roxanne C. - Spokane, WA
Benjamin P. - Portland, OR
Robert J. - Arlington, WA
Win S. - Medford, OR
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