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Hello all,

I've been the chief editor of Poemhunter and all it's social media pages for about 2 years. Some of you may know me as Emily (actually that's not my real name)

This week, I'm resigning, leaving this job to a junior editor. I'll continue to follow the pages as a fan from now on....

So thank you all for your support. This was a great opportunity for me, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Below, you can see the statistics of the pages, how it evolved since I took over.

Thank you and good luck to you all!
See you in another lifetime

Poemhunter.com site visitors/ daily traffic
October 2011 - 134K
March 2013 - 355K

Facebook fans
October 2011 - 3900
March 2013 - 12,167

Twitter followers
October 2011 - 36
March 2013 - 906

Pinterest followers
January 2013 - 56
March 2013 - 160

Alexa Top 1,000,000 Sites rank
January 2012 - 9420
March 2013 - 6737
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