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If you're contemplating cataract surgery or lensectomy, you now have better options than ever to reduce your need for glasses. Traditionally, IOLs (Intraocular Lens Implants) have been all single focus "monofocal" implants. This means that the after surgery, the eye can be set to focus permanently either at distance or at near--not both. Reading glasses or bifocal glasses are still required to gi...ve you a full range of vision. However, With the development of refractive multifocal, diffractive multifocal, and accommodating IOLs, collectively known as Presbyopic IOLs, there is now the option of seeing better at both distance and near without glasses. So if you are contemplating cataract surgery or know someone who is call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Daniel Chang to see if you are a candidate for Presbyopic IOLs @ 661-325-3937 or 661-6649121. See More