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Joy Kumba
Irene Jelagat Kibon
Hilda Kavugwi Kemoli
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Njoro Martian
Godwill Mock
Abdul Hablis
Faith Hakala
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Taprandıch Dcıo Kıprotıch
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Abdullah Leshao Saruni
Laura Alumande
Jacqueline Sera Kayo-Oloo
Arnold Alusa
Chris Sunguti
Phillip Kisia
Alex Kayere
Melody Monyangi Kerandi
Mohamed Billow
Beatrice Achiz
Kelvin Mburu
Karimi Njeru
Lynnette Opicho Sunguti
Eliud Rotich
Harold Wafula
Systems Audit Office
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This Office monitors all Systems in the City, whether such are directly related to City Hall or not since no System exists in isolation. Systems have impact on how other Systems operate, which is a matter of fact.

I am therefore not for any more drama. My DELL PC is the only American vixen with flair for drama thus allowed as per the Law and if what The Standard reports is true then Risk of is imminent. Once a Constituency elects an individual, such should be allowed to serve until they are recalled or otherwise. The idea of such stepping down prematurely disenfranchises the electorate and or the constituents concerned.

If such is pursued by any political party and the outcome turns to be unfavorable at the polls(by election) then the same could spark a Major Event that could affect the Security System…imagine, a by election in Machakos County today(Wiper Stronghold) that is swept by the TNA, on the backdrop of earlier Election Claims of rigging. Since issues were raised by certain quarters, am of the opinion that, the IEBC Systems should only be tested by another election if and only if all the ongoing Audits are complete and findings made public. From open source intelligence, both the IEBC and NGOs are working on various Audits.

In my opinion, such findings and or corrective measures should be put in place first before anyone even imagines or attempts to utilize any of the IEBC Systems as presently configured.(By Election/General Election).

The only way out for anyone…the only prudent way out for any Lady or Gentleman to get into Parliament now is through the list of nominated MPs and or Representatives. There are Laws but such is the only option that has Risks worth taking. Presently nominated Representatives could stand down and get “reenlisted” by their respective political parties-accommodating any new names.

As far as the Registration Laws are concerned, events that lead up to such a scenario are beyond the control of the Registrar and therefore shouldn’t be a worry for the said Office.

The option of Legal Assessment of the Election Act by political parties to explore grey areas that could be utilized is a no no since a legal position/interpretation made by one entity can be interpreted otherwise by another entity, Attorneys or even the Courts, to the detriment of the affected constituency, party or association.

Depending with the much awaited Ration Decidendi (Supreme Court/CJ) and subsequent Audit, civil society driven, protracted, peaceful protests have therefore been projected by this Office.
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— with Tito Axeson, Laura Alumande, Eliud Rotich and 43 othersTito Axeson, Laura Alumande, Eliud Rotich, Abdullah Leshao Saruni, Mohamed Billow, Bambo Opondo, Harold Wafula, Faith Mel Fayee, Shylah Supergurl Mbrownskin, Melody Monyangi Kerandi, Lynnette Opicho Sunguti, Phillip Kisia, Hosea Otete, Brenda Kiprono, Henry Kimani D'mura, Eric Obino, Josfyne Jebet, Cedric Lumosi, Godwill Mock, Fiona Jemo Kagota, Rachelyn Cossy Gal, Beth Fribet, Eunice Muciri, Chris Sunguti, Karimi Njeru, Hilda Kavugwi Kemoli, Cornelius Williams, Abdul Hablis, Daisy Moss, Njoro Martian, Favour Cira, Arnold Alusa, Fred M Muchiri, Joy Kumba, Taprandıch Dcıo Kıprotıch, Kelvin Mburu, Evans Donald Otieno, Irene Jelagat Kibon, Alex Kayere, Githua Senior' Antonio, Jacqueline Sera Kayo-Oloo, Faith Hakala, Faith Talia Kipla, Beatrice Achiz, Marc Felix and Frankline Okutoyi.Systems Audit Office