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To all of you that have listened to us also helping us by telling your friends about us thank you!!! Be sure you come out this Thursday to Port Charlotte's brand new venue Voodoo!!! We will be playing there and also have a gift for you because if it weren't for all fans of the local scene none of the local bands would have any one to entertain... so help by shearing and forwarding your friends about the shows we share to you and lets keep this Big for more to come............PJ Rev
— with Gypsy Alejandra Espinoza, Chris Akey, PUSHMOWER and 46 othersGypsy Alejandra Espinoza, Chris Akey, PUSHMOWER, Aaron Robinson, Jonzey Dood, Blood Wise, Rob Lewis, Audrey Cook, Aaron Tate A T, Alyssa Raio, Shaun Ashlend, Sally Anne Dente, Terry At, Daniel Bucci, John Ferland, Somert At, Amanda Nelson, PJ RevShame Ruccione, Gregory Pope, Peter Aratari III, Andrew Hewitson, Enviktus, Coral Andrews, Amy Dawn Conrad, Kevin Prochembass Wallace, Adam Cohen, Matthew Viola, Adam Canute, Brian Amoroso, Alycia Blackburn, Bianca Blake, Jennifer Garcia, Michele Ross Dennis, Amber R Pounds, Hawk Needs A Beer, Christine RadiatioNation, Andrew Gray, Annmarie Monahan, Danielle Salhoff-Wolcott, Kristina Whiteaker, Kimberly Ann, Alex Chelnokov, Holly Young, AgentCalle Andrus, Ashley Hamilton, Alice OfOz, Ave Guevara, Susan Whiteaker and Andy Schade.Sinister Guitar Picks