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Remember this:

I carried out a Risk Assessment of the Environmental Health Department on the 23/9/2011, in its quest to provide comprehensive and effective environmental health services while reducing risks so far as health and welfare of the residents of the City of Nairobi is concerned. The controls, and or procedures that were currently in place were therefore the responsibility of the Direct...or of Environmental Health where my responsibility as per ISA700 as is with Financial Reporting, was to express an opinion on the same based on the Audit Program and or Risk Profile formulated by my Office, satisfying ISA400 on Assessments and Internal Control.

I audited the Controls and Procedures utilized in the Department and further established that, the Procedures for garbage collection are out of touch with the present day realities which should be amended to incorporate changes and advancement in technology and processing of garbage disposal. For one, transportation of garbage on open trucks is not acceptable and recommended that the Departments Management be taken to task as regards the cash which is being expended annually towards External Contracting while the same is enough to engage vehicle dealerships in purchase of modern Council owned garbage collection Heavy Commercial Trucks. My report went further to say that,the Office of the Systems Auditor believes that, the existence of numerous garbage collection firms contracted by the Council or by City Residents was as a result of a carefully planned scheme hatched to create a vacuum where individuals could “penalize” City Residents by charging exorbitant charges for garbage collection services.

I have duly alerted Management because in my Opinion,the component(Environmental Health) is not functioning properly but am back. watch!
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— with Seanice Kacungira, Billy Nyongesa, Marty Steve Wise and 42 othersSeanice Kacungira, Billy Nyongesa, Marty Steve Wise, Abdullah Leshao Saruni, Albert Mesutozil, Karen Tenoy, Winnie Jepkoech, Virggy Enghii Cheps, Stephen Opicho, Kennedy Shabiri, Noah Tenya, Stephen Wabuge, Ronnie Tororo, Jacob W Opicho, Stephen Opicho, Harold Wafula, Odimwah Mercy Stellah, Kegehi Mang'ula Nyawara, Ken Ruttoh, Njambi Kiguta, Moses Wakoli, Stephen Opicho, Cornelius Williams, Comfort Ubi, Faith Talia Kipla, Sharon Kutto, Sylvia Wambua, Winnie Tum, Biko Mang'ula, Scholastica Anake, Samantha Wambui, David Wekesa, Pinky Beib Sarah, Melody Monyangi Kerandi, Anthony Kiringo, Bo Mang'ula, Rosemary Wahinya, Tina Wach, Jacqueline Sera Kayo-Oloo, Charles S Simiyu, Somba Msuch Kimeu, Stace Mbithi, Anne Waithera, Charlie Mwarimbo and Rebick Wanjala.