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Systems Audit Office
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Iron Fist or Velvet Glove...

It depends on your past but to me the New Constitution was a good idea which gave way to a brilliant idea; PPP with Development Partners.

3.4billi for my Transport System,with love from the EU to be precise. Thats good news.Historically,i have taken a firm position on cooperation with the International Community but this(3.4billi) shouldn't be taken as kiss *** kick ...back to the City...i mean,thats what haters will say it is.

Anyway, Partnerships are strategies employed to achieve an Optimum Balance... between Low Cost Production and High Service Delivery output & Successful Outcomes. Cooperation with friends therefore is not up for debate or negotiations. The future of this City is partially hinged on PPPs and it needs all the partners it can get.You may have your own reasons for not cooperating but i got 3.4billi for the System.

The City is therefore the only County with an all fired up SYSTEMS AUDIT OFFICE & the reason for being online is to collaborate with all technical cooperating partners.This guarantees synergy since a System doesnt exist/operate in isolation. Thats why mineral extraction in Gov.Kivuthas County is my concern,if not my responsibility.

Laws revolving around Natural Resources are clear and were crafted with the common man in mind. Apart from tin or titanium,oil & gold,Sand is harvested commercially for the Construction Industry. Equally,the natural building stone is commercially extracted.

Its being reported that sand dealers who offload the commodity in the City(site) do so for $400! $100 is paid at the initial extraction point to the land owner.Out of that,80% is paid out to the "miners" and cess charges and the land owner forced to console himself with the 20%. With 3.4billi for my Systems from the E.U.,am gonna be needing sand.Laws revolving around the extraction of the same and more have to be adhered to.The position taken by the Governor is on point and he should not hold back but seek the help from the Inspector General if these cartels refuse to play by the rules...Bw.Kimaiyo ata mpa yeye lorry moja ya wanaume wasaidie yeye kazi.I propose not less than 30% for the land owner.

The Governor should draft the necessary policy on consultation with ONLY THOSE who are open to the Rule Of Law.The rest are at Liberty to leave the Country.
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— with Mike O.J, Carol Ndunge, Rosemary Wahinya and 41 othersMike O.J, Carol Ndunge, Rosemary Wahinya, Anne Ndungu, Rebick Wanjala, Peter Kiogora, Pamela Achieng, Niamh Megan, Ngugi Njenga, John Peter, Melody Monyangi Kerandi, Charlesen Charles, Karimi Njeru, Paul Muthoka, Lynnette Opicho Sunguti, Alex Kayere, Mohamed Billow, Arnold Alusa, Jacqueline Sera Kayo-Oloo, Chris Sunguti, Harold Wafula, Njambi Kiguta, Seanice Kacungira, Sylvia Wambua, Somba Msuch Kimeu, Scholastica Anake, Beatrice Achiz, Kelvin Mburu, Eliud Rotich, Abdullah Leshao Saruni, Stace Mbithi, Ken Ruttoh, Tina Wach, Sharon Kutto, Kennedy Shabiri, Winnie Tum, Odimwah Mercy Stellah, Kegehi Mang'ula Nyawara, Biko Mang'ula, Charlie Mwarimbo, Bo Mang'ula, Comfort Ubi, Shylah Supergurl Mbrownskin and Albert Mesutozil.Systems Audit Office