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Systems Audit Office
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Its the S Series Merc today with the Kenya Flag on the bonnet. smh

The ERP Review continues. I was able to attend a presentation on the new Information System late yesterday in the County Treasurers Office. I raised what needed to be raised and i am going back there to resolve a certain facilitation mater in 5.

The Citys Management is anxiously waiting for my report.The Review seeks to identify... any weaknesses and or instances of reportable non compliance with Laws and Regulations. The Review is being carried out, with a view of establishing Best Practice in Sub Systems Development, Integration with the Main Information System and the aggregate Network Topology. Determination as to whether there exists an Unofficial Policy to defraud at the Technical Level is also being done. Such bears the objects of reinforcing linkages with the various Management Components.

The Systems Audit Office therefore continues to utilize game changing technological advances in order to stay ahead so far as Financial Management of Public Resources in the City is concerned.

Stand by for more coz i dont intend on taking in any prisoners.
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— with Mohamed Billow, Anne Ndungu, Beatrice Achiz and 43 othersMohamed Billow, Anne Ndungu, Beatrice Achiz, Harold Wafula, Melody Monyangi Kerandi, Arnold Alusa, Alex Kayere, Noah Tenya, Njambi Kiguta, Kelvin Mburu, Jacqueline Sera Kayo-Oloo, Ken Ruttoh, Chris Sunguti, George Bob Okallo, Lynnette Opicho Sunguti, Karimi Njeru, Eliud Rotich, Alfred Nakhisa, Edwin Lagat, Daisy Moss, Scholastica Anake, Bambo Opondo, Favour Cira, Joy Kumba, Lakepearl KB, Virggy Enghii Cheps, Hilda Kavugwi Kemoli, Lilian Lagat, Somba Msuch Kimeu, Githua Senior' Antonio, Catherine LiLin Kiok, Eric Obino, Henry Kimani D'mura, Oliech Eunice Hamisi, Odimwah Mercy Stellah, Hosea Otete, Njoro Martian, Evelyn Nyaoke, Winnie Tum, Cornelius Williams, Fiona Jemo Kagota, Laura Alumande, Collins A Orinda, John Peter, Becky Cheboi and Kingwa Kamencu.Systems Audit Office