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Systems Audit Office
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Your Metro Cruiser.

Its parked next to the Governors Jeep(his driver dubbing it down with a religious devotion insert) and indeed, the New City Hall is about Jeeps, Lex,Coups, Bimaz and Benz.

As indicated, on the 8th February,2013, The Office of the Systems Auditor carried out a Risk Assessment of the Department of Inspectorate, with a view of establishing the existence of viable and workable Op...erational Plans in the Department which would aid in Security and Enforcement in the City of Nairobi. Extremist ideology continues to pose a Risk not only to the Department of Inspectorates ability to execute its mandate but a Country as a whole.

In the Report entitled, "Operational Plans for Re-Configuring The Kill Zone," i said that, The Kill Zone therefore is being reconfigured and defined to reflect the present day National Security realities. As to how best the threats that we face are dealt with depends with how best we galvanize the Kill Zone.

Point number 5 dealt with the Metro Policing and read as follows;

5. Transformative Policing.
The time for Raw Policing is up and over. The type of Policing characterized by harassment, extortion and terrorism is over. As the Country and the City continues to embrace change, there has never been a need for Smart Policing more than now. The Officer, whether working for the City or nationally has to understand that they now are required by Law to treat Citizens and Tort feasors or those in their custody in accordance with the Law.

This calls for adequate training in Law and Tactical Operations thus, the Commandant in charge of Training Schools should ensure that the syllabus in use reflects and appreciates the present day realities at any given one time. Equally, Structural Community Policing has to be nurtured to reinforce the Smart Policing that is currently evolving in the City i.e Policy is fundamental. Linkages with the Kenya Police Service that exists have to be reviewed to fully derive benefit from the Reforms currently underway in the Security System. Presently, Trust between the City’s Enforcement & Security component and Residents is lacking thus threatens the success of Policing-not only in the City but in the Country.

In addition, the attitude of Officers in the Inspectorate towards change or reforms could either aid or hamper Transformative Policing in the City. As long as the Enforcer/Police to Citizen Ration challenges subsist, Community Policing will remain the inconvenient truth to the City’s Management. In the meantime, the City’s Management should utilize linkages with the Transitional Authority to have some of the existing Inspectorate Officers be incorporated into the much taunted Metro Police (County Policing Component).

Expect these cruisers and more from us. This is the Systems Audit-City of Nairobi and my tweets are always final.
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— with Eliud Rotich, Kelvin Mburu, Beatrice Achiz and 42 othersEliud Rotich, Kelvin Mburu, Beatrice Achiz, Anne Ndungu, Alex Korir, Laura Alumande, Karimi Njeru, Njambi Kiguta, Lynnette Opicho Sunguti, Scholastica Anake, Mary Binaywa, Alex Kayere, Chris Sunguti, Pinky Beib Sarah, Billy Nyongesa, Brenda Kiprono, Star Bwoy, Bambo Opondo, Arnold Alusa, David Wekesa, Marty Steve Wise, Eunice Muciri, Mohamed Billow, Cornelius Williams, Harold Wafula, Evans Donald Otieno, Dorcas Okome Musundi, Oliech Eunice Hamisi, Andrew Onguko, Carol Ndunge, Phillip Kisia, Richard Mwendwa Mbiti, Virggy Enghii Cheps, Favour Cira, Eric Obino, Faustine Fauz Imbayi, Henry Kimani D'mura, Daisy Moss, Njoro Martian, Melody Monyangi Kerandi, Frankline Okutoyi, Taprandıch Dcıo Kıprotıch, Fiona Jemo Kagota, Fred Sembeya and Edwin Lagat.Systems Audit Office