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The Ethnic Industrial Complex... no its not a building. In pedestrian terms, Ethnic Industrial Complex is an organized dominance by an ethnic group of trade,commerce & governance.

Hate speech in Kenya on social media is a product of a failed Ethnic Industrial Complex that was planned about 2 decades ago.

My dad a Senior Government Official(deceased) dropped hints of what was to be and that is wh...y in the early 90s,Kenyans wouldn't budge no more.I thank God,the 2nd President didn't die in Office.

President Moi was hated and his aides mismanaged the Economy,but his iron fist prevented the establishment of the Ethnic Industrial Complex.Hate speakers are therefore upset they are sharing the cake under Law today.They stood in line for two days with the hope of the realization of the dreams of past past despots... it is now clear that those elected are Public Property and in Office as servants of all but not masters. told that one person killed themselves int the morning coz "this" is not what they expected from the election. Yes, they didn't expect Democracy after elections.

As for the Ethnic Industrial Complex, its too late #stillbirth The iron fist un clenched when the Rainbow Nation was old enough to start a family and now its son(Constitution) is past teenage.

I am my fathers son & id disown my own if a neighbor is being threatened by them.Hybrid Generation is now running the show and Procedure takes precedence,as long as am in charge-for all.
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— with Winnie Jepkoech, Marty Steve Wise, Jacob W Opicho and 12 othersWinnie Jepkoech, Marty Steve Wise, Jacob W Opicho, Tina Wach, Harold Wafula, Winnie Tum, Stephen Wabuge, Samantha Wambui, Cornelius Williams, Moses Wakoli, Anne Waithera, David Wekesa, Billy Nyongesa, Rebick Wanjala and Rosemary Wahinya.Systems Audit Office