Paul Muthoka
Mercy Njogu Mugure
Marion Kiarie
Catherine Mungai
Suzzanne Masika
Mlamba James
Charlie Mwarimbo
Moris Odhiambo Otieno
Marsh Owz Maninga
Marielita Montana Susan
Kegehi Mang'ula Nyawara
Fred M Muchiri
Eunice Muciri
Linda Mangula
Dorcas Okome Musundi
Cindy Mavoni
Niamh Megan
Mukunya Mugo
Kenn Murema
Marthah Mwinzi
Moses Langat
Moses Wakoli
Moses Oteko
Mike O.J
Stace Mbithi
Somba Msuch Kimeu
Godwill Mock
Henry Kimani D'mura
Daisy Moss
Mohamed Billow
Melody Monyangi Kerandi
Mary Binaywa
Kelvin Mburu
Harold Wafula
Systems Audit Office
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This is the Systems Auditor-City of Nairobi and civil society protests have began as projected.

On the agenda are broken promises.The uneducated Kenyan youth for some reason best known to them expected technocrats to vacate Offices for them but after being told N/A by their leaders who are now in Office,they now feel cheated.

The other faction of the same age set is that which feel that they lac...k representation thus don't belong.This group is still in an election mode, perpetually denouncing whats in front of them and they raid communities or police stations to prove a point.

Such moderate to major events as projected remain sporadic and also as indicated,such mirrors on the election outcome and subsequent judgement by the CJ. I also reported that,such will further be indicative of... as to whether the masses have/had faith in the judicial/electoral process or not.These are therefore consequences and or summation of past evils and or misdeeds-recent and historical.

Democratic-Governance Systems are ideally self calibrating (programmed) and as such shunting should be avoided lest they cease to function properly.

The drama is similar to a Pressure System; the events (heckling,attacks,leaflets) are therefore your ROLLING THUNDER.. the kind that travels-rumbling through the clouds for a distance,roaring as it moves. Solution? NONE. Just mitigation.

A special police squad has been dispatched to Busia and Bungoma counties to investigate criminal attacks.

Elections are the pit stops and if you get elections wrong,you have to deal with the consequences.

To discuss Guantanamo later but as for The Rolling Thunder it shall continue to leave a trail of carnage and destruction where it rolls by and pain and suffering in its wake.
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— with Mercy Njogu Mugure, Marsh Owz Maninga, Godwill Mock and 31 othersMercy Njogu Mugure, Marsh Owz Maninga, Godwill Mock, Kelvin Mburu, Moses Oteko, Eunice Muciri, Niamh Megan, Moris Odhiambo Otieno, Somba Msuch Kimeu, Mary Binaywa, Fred M Muchiri, Paul Muthoka, Charlie Mwarimbo, Harold Wafula, Cindy Mavoni, Melody Monyangi Kerandi, Mukunya Mugo, Mlamba James, Kegehi Mang'ula Nyawara, Mohamed Billow, Stace Mbithi, Moses Wakoli, Suzzanne Masika, Daisy Moss, Dorcas Okome Musundi, Moses Langat, Catherine Mungai, Mike O.J, Marielita Montana Susan, Henry Kimani D'mura, Marthah Mwinzi, Marion Kiarie, Linda Mangula and Kenn Murema at The Rolling Thunder.Systems Audit Office