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Systems Audit Office
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The Office of the Systems Auditor has carried out an Enterprise Resource Planning Review as at 3th May, 2013.An ambitious Automation strategy adopted by the City is life saving. For the purposes of the discussion, such has been referred to as The Post 2013 Development Frame Work.

My Audit disclosed material weaknesses and instances of reportable non compliance with Laws and Regulations. The Revie...w was carried out, with a view of establishing Best Practice in Sub Systems Development, Integration with the Main Information System and the aggregate Network Topology. Determination as to whether there exists an Unofficial Policy to defraud at the Technical Level was also done. Such was done with objects of reinforcing linkages with the various Management Components.

The City’s Management (through the respective Heads of Departments) is responsible for (1) Preparing the Standard Procedures in conformity with the City’s Legal and Policy Framework; (2) Establishing and Maintaining Internal Control; and (3) Complying with relevant Laws and Regulations of the Land, more so, those revolving around the Devolved Governance System.

The Systems Audit Office therefore continues to utilize game changing technological advances in order to stay ahead so far as Financial Management of Public Resources in the City is concerned. The Systems Audit Office as presently constituted is staffed by a Tech Savvy Accountant, under a Head of Internal Audit which should not be confused with an Information Systems Audit Office, which exclusively deals with IT Systems under an IT Manager in any given entity. I therefore Audit the Management Systems (Processes), Procedures and Controls being utilized at any given point in time.

It’s my honest opinion and to the best of the information gathered and explanation given that, the City would require time to Re Engineer the entire ICT Infrastructure in the County-including its Technical Team, immediate shut down of all illegal Sub System & suspension of the ERP acquisition is the only viable option as IFMIS is rolled out and LAIFOMS upgraded where necessary while reinforcing its controls, and proper Sub Systems/Applications acquired. It is only then that The Post 2013 Development Frame Work for the City of Nairobi will find its place in the History Books of this Great Nation.
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— with Linda Mangula, Joseph Nyongesa, Leonard Nzau and 34 othersLinda Mangula, Joseph Nyongesa, Leonard Nzau, Karimi Njeru, Lynnette Opicho Sunguti, Joram Kago, Lakepearl KB, Ature Lukoba, Moses Langat, Lillian Owendo, Beth Fribet, Henry Kimani D'mura, Awori Jeremy, Melody Monyangi Kerandi, Lillian Kamonya, Norbet Kirop, Linda Opot, Mike O.J, 莊政霖, Kelvin Mburu, Kobilo Jeptumo Lakilaw, NanRobbnz Jepp, Kingwa Kamencu, Josfyne Jebet, Lilian Lagat, Kennedy Shabiri, Jackey Osiya, Harold Wafula, Fiona Jemo Kagota, Karen Tenoy, Laura Alumande, Phillip Kisia, Anthony Kiringo, Jacquelyn Chemutai, Jacob W Opicho, John Peter and Abdullah Leshao Saruni.Systems Audit Office