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Systems Audit Office
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Mr. Inspector General,

This is the Systems Audit or Audit Systems in this City as provided for in the Constitution. I published an Audit Report of the Security System which was widely circulated too.

Am the only Kenyan civilian outside the Security Council/Committee (Harambee House) who has insights of the works of "National Security" for i audit its system. I have not shared any information "enemies" and so i remain a patriot. Bw. IG, my System has been shocked a 3rd time, latest monday. Each shock is a bowl or seal.

Each one has been followed by an action. 1st, was your team and 2nd, Army. Mondays(ICC) shall precipitate an action which is ok but time to put your foot down is up. Each shock is a catalyst for the Rolling Thunder & if Gatundu or Kiambu is "taken" as reported in the papers, iko balaa. As it is, the Rolling Thunder is brewing and the clouds thicker than ever, evidently.

You shall ask the AG-Mungai to provide;

1)Requested financial records to the ICC. You shall

2)Facilitate interviews so requested by the ICC. You shall

3)Liase with the CJ on evidence so recorded, pending or held AG-Mungai a result of a court injunction. You shall

4)Ask those concerned to use same parameters & standard in availing available evidence for all or any of the past, present of future suspects as it were.

Mr.IG! The Defense System is not your responsibility. The Security System is. The UN has already branded the Rolling Thunder "crimes against humanity" on your tenure. A Police Commissioner has been at the ICC and that means the Controls & Procedures of the Security System at the Kenya Police are your responsibility. You shall therefore demand the 4 at Harambee House-Security Council/Committee(Kenya) meeting which you shall request be convened.

The 4 are issue raised by the ICC. The Rolling Thunder is no longer a projection nor Hype but headline news. This shall guarantee that your deployed officers come back safely, all of them and also the return of the entire army unit deployed. Omission means that casualties and fatalities in the deployed police & army unit are certain on top of a risk of an unfavorable UNSC vote.
May God have mercy on us all.
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— with Riadh Bouzid, Evans Donald Otieno, Pinky Beib Sarah and 29 othersRiadh Bouzid, Evans Donald Otieno, Pinky Beib Sarah, Rosemary Wahinya, Winnie Jepkoech, Eliud Rotich, Stephen Opicho, Albert Mesutozil, Alex Kayere, Odimwah Mercy Stellah, Tina Wach, Rachelyn Cossy Gal, Paul Muthoka, Sharon Kutto, Arnold Alusa, Reuben Kemboi, Ronnie Tororo, Phillip Kisia, Ken Ruttoh, Pamela Achieng, Stephen Opicho, Rebick Wanjala, Richard Mwendwa Mbiti, John Peter, Anne Ndungu, Peter Kiogora, Stephen Wabuge, Virggy Enghii Cheps, Marcos Raso, Shylah Supergurl Mbrownskin, Anthony Kiringo and Somba Msuch Kimeu.Systems Audit Office