Diego Mauricio Quintero
Andres Rodriguez
Roselyn MH
Ayda Hadi
Dexter Marcelino
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"Fear is the thief of dreams." - Brian Krans

Dexter Marcelino looks like he's jumping in a dream world. No fear here. I'd love to say this pic is part of our #INVASIONweek series, but we all know clouds and the Invasion don't get along. Lol. For those of you in need of a little cloud action, here's what freefalling through 3,000 feet of clouds looks like (watch here: http://bit.ly/XyGqby).

Like this? Share it, then watch this jump through 3,000ft clouds: http://bit.ly/XyGqby

GoPro photo by Ralph Turner.
— with Dexter Marcelino, Andres Rodriguez, Ayda Hadi, Diego Mauricio Quintero and Roselyn MH.GoPro