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Minnesota Boychoir
New website: http://boychoir.org/

Nonprofit Statement: "When we applied for this challenge, we had one main goal for a new website: make sure the adoring fans of the Minnesota Boychoir (and the folks who haven't had the pleasure of listening to us), hear and see how we impact audiences around the world through song.
When we arrived to the Challenge Saturday morning, our team took that dream and ran with it. They dedicated one web pro solely to our music; he uploaded mp3s and video of past performances which to our surprise, is a lot harder than we originally thought.

And the final result is phenomenal. We have a one-stop shop where teenage girls can go crazy watching videos of our high school choirboys and buy all our CDs - all on our newly designed website.

We will be forever grateful to our web pro group, the Department of Sleepless Creation, and The Nerdery for this unique opportunity. Everyone's positive attitude and willing hearts make this an event that will change our organization and teenage girls for the better."

Department of Sleepless Creation Statement:

In the wee hours of the morn', we could feel the cold setting in, but it was only by our resilient partners, the Minnesota Boychoir, that the fire burned on. This was the same excitement we had come to know since our first meeting the previous day. We knew the website had to reflect this passion and dedication to the craft, and our team worked diligently to accomplish this goal. Showcasing the talent of the choir was our top priority, and we did so by presenting the media in an eye-catching sliding homepage banner, sprinkled with brilliant photography. We highlighted the passion the choir members bring to each performance, using a vivid color palette to emphasize the youthfulness of the 170 member group. The muscle of the site is in the content management system, which allows our client to update and add content, including video, audio, and custom graphics. Additionally, we included an e-commerce storefront to sell choir albums and additional merchandise. Mike and Matthew challenged our team to greatness, and we delivered on our promise with a fun website that really sings. See what we did there?
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