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Systems Audit Office
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H.E. John Moreti,
High Commissioner,
Botswana High Commission
Greetings from myself and my followers. This is the Systems Auditor-City of Nairobi and I am proud to be associated with your people online. My Office has an open door policy, which includes all available online linkages…feel free to collaborate at will. PULA(see your court of arms) is rain in Tswana…that would make me Harold Wapula coz in bukusu, rain is efula. I feel at home here and I have therefore decided that I shall make Botswana my second home, now that my sister has settled next door in South Africa.

Anyway, the position your Country took as regards the Kenyan matter at the ICC is the same position that this Office has taken. The ICC System should not be deemed as a process to politically assassinate anyone but a process for establishing the truth and stamping out corruption and impunity from my Systems

I must confess that your Country has done well in the past 4 decades, better than Kenya and I was even more surprised to learn that your Income Per Capita is 10 times that of my Country. Much of your land is reported to be “semi arid” but you have used what you have to join Tanzania in the league of emerging Continental Power Houses. Whatever format you are using in your Systems is extraordinary and I shall be seeking to engage Your Office more as I establish linkages with technical cooperating partners from Botswana. You therefore have a friend in this Office on matters ICC and more and your position was well relayed on TV last night. Feel free to engage my Boss-The Governor on more Official matters for in my opinion; the two of you have a lot in common.

The Constitution of the Republic of Kenya is Supreme. Any other Law (read Resolution) that is inconsistent with the Constitution of the Republic of Kenya, shall to the extent of its inconsistency be null & void, prima facie. My Governments Official Position remains COOPERATION with its partners of goodwill, eg the UN . Indeed, Kenya is bound by AUs Resolutions as a member but if such undermines the Rule of Law then such sadly is zero sum as far as this Office is concerned. Arguments being fronted by proponents of the AU draft are, pursuit of Justice by victims of the 2007 PEV is a threat to National Security. Inaction rather than action is the real threat to my National Security System, Your Excellency.

Peace and Stability in Kenya isn’t by chance but through efforts made by devoted and diligent Public Officers like myself. The other killings that have recently been reported in Western Kenya were in my opinion, organized by John Doe; A position corroborated by a Media House, after collecting witness testimonies and also tapping information from the Police. John Doe, a marked man (by the UN)is still at large to this date 26/5/2013.

The Inspector General against all odds has come so far but more needs to be done. The beefing between his Office and the Service Commission is simply a misunderstanding, in my opinion. The IG is right…the structures for County Commanders amongst other new appointees is still a work in progress. His worries however should not be worries in that, adverts-interviews-appointment-deployment of either new or existing Officers is a process not an event and as such, I am sure that by the time Bw.Kavuludi is done, the IGs worries would have been addressed. I am of the opinion that, the process continues as the Policing Systems (structures) evolves in readiness.i.e. parallel running.

The said anti ICC draft is reported to be a brain child of the Ugandan Government. The Ugandan Government to state its interest in the Kenyan ICC cases and also to separately state its interest in the operations of Nation Media Group…a company that the Government invaded and as a consequence, the Daily Monitor is not operating.

The President of Uganda should also state whether his Government shall compensate the said company for losses incurred following his Governments interference. The President should also tell the world if such raids are still ongoing and also state which other Kenyan company is being targeted or on his hit list.

Once again, you have a friend in this Office.
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