B.c.N.y.'s illustation 2011-2012

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[Taipei Assassins - S2 World Championship]

Greetings, this is B.c.N.y.

After long time, I finally finished this work. Thank your encouraged and expectation, it became a great power to support me completing this illustration....

I specifically illustrated this illustration for celebrating Taipei Assassins obtains the League of Legends Season2 World Championship.

I drew it not only I also come from Taiwan, but I really love the spirit that they fight so hard. Furthermore, I got the tons of interest from watching Taipei Assassins’ battles.
There have other versions of this illustration, you can find them by clicking the hyperlink below:
[Golden glory]https://dl.dropbox.com/u/4580541/TPA_S2worldChampionshio_v2_BcNy.jpg
[Brilliant skill]https://dl.dropbox.com/u/4580541/TPA_S2worldChampionshio_v3_BcNy.jpg

Hope you like it

大家好, 我是B.c.N.y.

經過漫長的時間, 我終於完成了這幅作品. 謝謝你們的鼓勵與期待, 在我作畫的時候. 這些變成支持著我的很大的動力.

這幅畫是特地為了慶祝台北暗殺星獲得英雄聯盟第二季的世界冠軍的賀圖. (也是祭品)

我畫這幅畫不只是因為我來自台灣, 也是因為我真的很喜歡他們奮戰的精神. 我在觀賞他們的比賽時也獲得了很多的樂趣.

這邊有不同色調的版本, 請點擊下列超連結來瀏覽:

希望大家會喜歡 ' w '
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