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BREAKING NEWS http://CTMNews.com/ 11222012
Curiosity podría haber ( ESP http://ow.ly/fuDjN ) encontrado vida en Marte
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Curiosity may have found life on Mars

The most anticipated news of the scientific world may be about to become reality. John Grotzinger, the mission's principal investigator Curiosity, has announced in a radio interview that the rover's instruments have made a discovery that "will change the history books. Data is ... really promise much. "

However, the scientist said that even a few weeks will pass before NASA made one of the biggest announcements in its history. According to Grotzinger declared himself Universe Today, "we will have a conference on 3 December to discuss our results."

That day was inaugurated, in effect, the annual conference of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), and would be an excellent occasion to publicize the discovery. For now, scientists are conducting all sorts of tests and analysis. They want to be absolutely sure before launching the rooftops.

What is known is that the discovery was made with SAM, the sophisticated analyzer Martian soil samples consisting of three different instruments and is well equipped to find carbon compounds such as methane, and traces of hydrogen and oxygen.

Researchers have long wanted to find methane, which would be a very good indicator that those barren places moved, ever lifestyles
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