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Pictured is Carol French of Bradford County who appears in www.tripledividefilm.org. She's a property owner who signed a lease in 2006, was negatively impacted, and when the lease expired in 2011 would not allow the gas company back on her property, nor would she sign another lease with anyone else. In her own words, "I have had my water tested prior to drilling by a Hydro geologist. I want our st...ate agency (DEP) to do the test without any influence from the gas companies. I will provide info later showing how the gas companies are truly influencing the reports and what is disclosed to the "clients" I also requested a splint sample done with my hydro geologist & DEP………….. so far no go! Even when you find out what is in your water, what do you do? The filtration systems don’t take all of the chemicals out. Do you sell your property for a third of its value? Then it’s time for a Reality check……….. Where do you go, how can you afford it? Wasn’t your homestead worth fighting for? This could happen again….. This is some of the questions that run through your head when dealing with water contamination!" © J.B.Pribanic See More
— at Public Herald.