Gladys J Kim
Grace Kilonzi
Githua Senior' Antonio
George Omwango
George Wanjala
Godwill Mock
Karimi Njeru
Harold Wafula
Systems Audit Office
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The Office of the Systems Auditor is carrying out a Risk Assessment for the Department of Public Health. The report shall present my Opinion of the Systems and Procedures in use in the Department.Determination as to whether there is appropriate enabling environment vital in nurturing of PPPs (Public Private Partnerships) is therefore being done.

The Risk Assessment is carried out, with a view of... reviewing progress made on grey areas highlighted in a previous Risk Assessment Report entitled “COMMERCIAL SEX, FROM THE CRADLE TO THE GRAVE” published on the 8th, February2012 and to determine the Departments readiness on the back drop of New Legal and Policy Frame Work brought forth after the General Elections.

Awaiting the Chief Fiance Officer to facilitate publishing of the report
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— with Godwill Mock, George Wanjala, George Omwango, Githua Senior' Antonio, Harold Wafula, Grace Kilonzi, Gladys J Kim and Karimi Njeru.Systems Audit Office