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I want you to look at the "political cartoon" that is in today's edition of the Charlotte Sun Herald in Port Charlotte, FL. In my opinion, this is a classless and disrespects an American hero.

This paper is 100% against the 2nd Amendment and from the looks of this the day after the burial of a true American patriot and hero they run this crap.

So I urge you to share this with all your friends an...d your groups. The contact person is David Dunn-Rankin he is the Publisher. Phone (941) 206-1220 Then after you call please be sure and send David and email daviddr@sun-herald.com

People in other countries do not like this stuff, they raise heck. We do not get violent but WE HAD BETTER CALL AND EMAIL THE PERSON WHO DID THIS. RESPECT FOR CHRIS!!! A better man than his guy will ever be and one who respects America.
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