Gabriel Aldamiz-echevarria's Photos

Joe McCarthy
Jesus A. Pindado
Jim Shur
Jessica Yang
Jeannette Prats
Jane Del Ser
Jason Herskowitz
Jadam Kahn
Wookie Fields
Iván De Praadoo
Ivan Tarradellas
Gary Geller
Frank Griswold
Francisco J Martin
Ferran Soler
Eric Maderitas
Dylan Anderson
Drew Olanoff
Dawson Hunter
Can Bayir
Dan Robin
Candido Zuriaga
Atakan Cetinsoy
Angela Fabregues
Amy Schamp
Albert De Reina
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Thanks to everyone at Strands, and of course to everyone who I've interacted with during this awesome adventure:
— with Frank Griswold, Eric Maderitas, Dawson Hunter and 23 othersFrank Griswold, Eric Maderitas, Dawson Hunter, Jason Herskowitz, Candido Zuriaga, Jessica Yang, Ferran Soler, Gary Geller, Joe McCarthy, Wookie Fields, Atakan Cetinsoy, Drew Olanoff, Amy Schamp, Ivan Tarradellas, Dan Robin, Jim Shur, Jane Del Ser, Francisco J Martin, Albert De Reina, Can Bayir, Jadam Kahn, Dylan Anderson, Iván De Praadoo, Jesus A. Pindado, Angela Fabregues and Jeannette Prats.