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Wherever I May Roam:

This is my song selection for the contest. To me, the song represents going through or doing whatever lengths it takes to get the job done.

I've been a Metallica fan for many years now and consider them one of my favorite bands. Their persistence is immeasurable as is their determination to be the best they can. ...

James once said "dare to dream big." Well James, this project of mine represents as big a Metallica dream as there is. To me, it also represents an outlook on life. If you keep working hard at something, eventually it will pay off; the greater the challenge, so much sweeter the reward.

This is a first press Metal Massacre from 1982 which is three years older than I am, that I've worked on for over a decade. I remember the first day I got the package back with Ron's signature on her. I was grounded and waiting for my dad to have that long talk about why he was mad at me, but I felt way better seeing this record before my utter doom that day.

Through MetClub, I met Michael Lurch Robinson from Seattle and realized we had a common goal of getting all 5 members listed to sign our albums, truly making them one of a kind. As far as we know, no such feat has ever been attempted before nor completed. Instead of fighting, we teamed up and over the years worked on our conquest from opposite sides and helped each other make our goal a reality. I obtained Dave and Lloyd's signatures first while he got James and Lars. As Metallica celebrates their 30th anniversay, both Lurch and I are one step away from completing our quests on the 30th year of the album's release.

Both of us knew this wasn't going to be an easy task, but if you're gonna take your shot at the best, you'd better be willing to go the mile. This record has roamed to North Carolina, Boston, and the beaches of California. Will she end her journey in Atlantic City?
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