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Singaporeans are overeating despite a healthier diet!

Singaporeans are eating healthier than in 2004, but 6 in 10 are consuming too many calories.
- An increase (13%) in the number of people consuming sugary drinks than in 2004.
- One-third of youth aged 18 to 29 have an average of one soft drink daily. (Guideline is two in a week)...
- 7 in 10 people eat too much saturated fat, food containing coconut milk, biscuits, cakes, red meat and certain types of fried food.
- 27% are now eating at least one serving of wholegrain food every day, up from 8.4% in 2004.

HPB is making it compulsory for the Healthier Choice products to display “front-of-pack” labels.

Free mobile app to be lauched this year will give shoppers nutritional facts at a glance.

~Aasathal Kaalai with AnAnD!
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