UNDERCOVER HAPPINESS - Wednesdays 10:00pm

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Coming up shortly at 10:00pm, be moved and inspired by a story of selflessness... of someone who has 4 years to live, but everything to give. UNDERCOVER HAPPINESS.
Episode 3 of 6: "Danny Lien & Madam Ong"
Danny Lien is Managing Director of Amos International, a marine and offshore services company. This week, he’ll meet Madam On...g, a single-parent, with 3 children – 2 of them still schooling. Madam Ong has also been given a life expectancy of about 4 years, due to a liver problem.

Trading his suit for the simpler life, Danny will clean a school toilet with Madam Ong, who is a part-time cleaner, and learn what it’s like to depend on others for a meal. More inspiring for Danny is how Madam. Ong continues to take part in volunteer activities, despite her financial and medical difficulties. Seeing Madam Ong live life to the fullest, in the face of death; Danny will have some memorable life lessons to take home.
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