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Twas’ 11 days before Christmas, around 9:38
when 20 beautiful kids met a man filled with hate.
their smiles were contagious, their laughter filled the air.
their parents now cling to all the memories they share.
then people used the tragedy to their own selfish ends,
making their points about guns, atheists, and sins.
pundits and pulpits steered the talk in many a’house.
their fans shocked us all with just a click o’ the mouse.

some christians don’t realize that they're in the wrong,
I wish they would stop, to think hard, and think long.
despite what they think, it wasn't about Jesus.
capitalizing on it like this should be beneath us.

let the parents grieve and leave them alone,
let the nation grieve, don’t make this your own,
it’s not a soapbox for your next long-winded rant,
filled with the grammar you’d expect from a plant.

stop saying these poor children are now with your god,
you’re applying your views and your logic is flawed.
surely you realize that for some of the dead,
their families had different thoughts in their head.
it’s highly offensive when you keep carrying on,
about people who can’t speak up after they’re gone.

think about what it says in your good book,
dust it off, take it out, have a good look.
it proclaims that for kids who didn't know Jesus,
they’re burning right now, in hell, beneath us.
you’re mulling that over, quite a terrible thought.
all of us were heartbroken when those kids were shot.
we all want to help, and we all want an answer,
it’s arrogant to think you are alone with that pressure.

when you say that your god belongs in the schools,
it appears that you think some parents are fools.
some of those parents might be saying goodbye,
to one of those beautiful kids that just died.
before you bring up god, reflect and research,
why does your god allow shootings in church?

it could be less, and it could be more,
but chances are about one in four,
that people in Newtown aren’t even christian.
call off your hunt, and end your mission.
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