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(PHOTO: The Systems Auditor impressed with himself,holding on to a draft Risk Assessment-completed in time.Field work continues before Final Report is published)

Ladies and gentlemen,it has been a good year for Policy and Strategy.

21/12/2011; i was busy restocking my Office after it was vandalized. I was a month into my return after being transferred to The Treasury for 21 days, only to be requ...ested to report back and execute my mandate in the Systems Audit Office. At that time, workers were being ripped off, Systems and Applications were being developed, ran and administered by one person, never mind-some of the platforms were being utilized to collect revenue and or for banking.

In addition, it took ages for Payment to be processed and...nobody cared or operated without due regard to Systems Procedures.

21/12/2012? circulation of my Risk Assessment Reports is at "an all time high."The Ag.Senior Internal Auditor in charge of Systems would like to take this opportunity to report that, it has been nothing but success for this Office in the short term. In addition the growth of Operational Surpluses due to enhanced Systems Controls, systems development controls and standards are now part of the City’s Policy Framework.

There is also enhanced service delivery where the time taken for Vouchers to be processed has been reduced owing to an App. in the Customer Care Section developed by the Systems Auditor. The Office also made history by performing the first ever EFT Platform Audit in the City’s history. These are only those registered in the past 6 months alone. Another major milestone was also recorded; now workers have a reason to smile following the successful purge of the NACICO Platform by this Office and subsequent reflection of a worker’s Shares, Dues or Deductions on their pay slips. Those concerned were in my opinion concealing such details with a view of committing fraud, more so where a worker is deceased and the kin happen to be pursuing what is due to them or when one had retired.

The Office of the Systems Auditor is once again, also proud to be associated with the e-Construction Permit Management System, a platform currently running in the Department of City Planning and also another first in East and Central Africa. This in my opinion forms the basis and or foundation for Sustainable Urban Development and the right point to commence or institute upwards transformation in the way Cities are managed and developed.

The City of Nairobi was incorporated by Royal Charter of 20 March 1950 and has legal status of a Municipality under Section 12 of the Local Government Act Cap 265 of the Laws of Kenya, now being upgraded to the County Assembly of Nairobi.

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