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"Sorry...i cant hate KTN.

Why? Because, i watched first in 1990.I was young and in love...her name was Grace Kilonzi. Back then, the reception wasn't that good since KTN was transmitting on a UHF frequency but with time they have improved and now they are streaming on pay per view too.Sorry...i cant hate KTN

Ill never forget Josephine Mbeo, Lydia Manyasi...Jeff Koinange and even Catherine Kasavu...li...and we even had Channel O on too. Id have to try alot to hate KTN because of your body language but i dont think id manage.Sorry...i cant hate KTN

KTN ot some is a generational way of life...they know KTN as TV so...you have come and you will go but KTN will stay. KTN is "The Standard"...so yeah.Sorry...i cant hate KTN

Now we have new faces on in there and some of them are so lovely am thinking of having one for myself...if you also have similar feelings towards them,better show TO THEM but not me coz i cant hate KTN.Sorry...i cant hate KTN

KTN62 was it and shall remain so for a very long time...

As for you,am not gonna fight? Am gonna shame you by moving on up and leaving you there where you are. If you have had the opportunity but they still look elsewhere, it only shows you have failed. Elsewhere is not here where i am...elsewhere is where you cannot be because you are politely challenged and for sure...i cant hate KTN.

For now, i love KTN and if it means loving eachone,anyone or everyone at KTN, SO BE IT coz ill be loving KTN they way ive done for the past 3 decades.Sorry...i cant hate KTN "
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