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Hello to all our Facebook Fans/Friends. We wanted to drop a little note to you concerning some changes Facebook has made to its news feed. Many of you may be aware that you are not seeing all the posts to pages you have liked, appear in your news feed. This is because Facebook has changed its algorithm once again. In order to make your posts appe...ar in more news feeds Facebook would like users to pay for a sponsored post. While we would if we could, we here at Plaid are not in a position to pay for sponsored posts numerous times a day, but we do value all of our readers, and don’t want you not to see our posts. If we disappear from your feed there are a few things you can do to combat that. Some simple things include liking our posts, and leaving comments. Also please refer to the image below to learn how you can create an interest list. We just wanted to share this information with you, in an effort to stay connected with all of you. Check out this article for even more information about this topic,
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