Harold Wafula
Cornelius Williams
Marion Kiarie
Njambi Kiguta
Kelvin Mburu
Lynnette Opicho Sunguti
Eliud Rotich
Cynthia Nesova Natecho
Laura Alumande
Systems Audit Office
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This is the Security Reports front page to be published on the 8/2/2013.

It is classified material and the Systems weakness is the Terrorists happiness...so my mouth is always shut on these matters. Iko siri kali hapa ndani but stand by.
— with Cynthia Nesova Natecho, Eliud Rotich, Lynnette Opicho Sunguti, Kelvin Mburu, Njambi Kiguta, Marion Kiarie, Laura Alumande, Cornelius Williams and Harold Wafula.Systems Audit Office