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Systems Audit Office
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This is the Systems Auditor-City of Nairobi.

The first Risk Assessment Report that this Office published in this calender year was that of the Department of the Treasury,entitled, "Debunking the Myth of the Indomitable Fiscal Cliff.The Fiscal and Monetary System is delicate and sensitive.I made a wide range of recommendations on the back drop of revelations of a latent surpluses that have been r...ealized in the recent past.

This position or said surpluses shall continue to be realized and my Office projected the same to stand at KShs.2 Billion through to the Medium Term.These are savings at the Operational Level(Operational Surpluses).With the discovery of oil and other potential sources of wealth,the System shall be moving away from over reliance of Aid or Donor Funding,the operative word being SHALL. Such is intended but in due course thus we continue to rely on partnerships for Development.

Having said that,i have reason to believe that the Fiscal and Monetary System is about to experience shocks of biblical proportions.While the cause or individual at the epicenter is a professional and an astute politician,the Systems Benefactors are adamant and SYSTEM FAILURE imminent.

The individual is a popular politician,with considerable=
following thus has to continue with his cause come what may,but the Government has to come up with shock absorbers to cushion the Tax Payer from the effects and the aftermath of the onslaught,Just in case as a precautionary measure.The Systems Audit Office proposes that the Foreign Affairs Ministry spare us the embarrassment of seeking "clarification" on our own domestic affairs from outside and instead,the Treasury should within 14days come up with projections and fall backs as required in any Public Financial Management System...a System that i would be proud of or be part of anyway.

The Catastrophic Event is hinged on a variable,yes,but due to the expected impact or damage to the System,the Prudence Concept i=
n Financial Management dictates and infact expects the Team at the Treasury to formulate a plan B since the Appropriations in Aid Component might not be in the short run.The Laws of the land require that i restrain myself from Politics and as a product of my Assessment and eventual projected Risk,this Office is running on the assumption that,the Event is beyond the Control of the Executive,thus damage control is what is presently available.As to what happens on the Political Platform,following the "warning" from our Benefactors is up to the Political Class.I simply want my System galvanized...thats not too much to ask as Systems Auditor.

Consequently,it is the Ministry of Finance that should be working overtime but not the Ministry of Foreign Affairs! Thank You.
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— with Edward Thairu Njenga, Virggy Enghii Cheps, Shylah Supergurl Mbrownskin and 39 othersEdward Thairu Njenga, Virggy Enghii Cheps, Shylah Supergurl Mbrownskin, Irene Jelagat Kibon, Eliud Rotich, Lucipianta Chasasa, Laura Alumande, Seanice Kacungira, Alex Kayere, Beatrice Achiz, Becky Cheboi, Awori Jeremy, Bambo Opondo, Dorcas Okome Musundi, Hilda Kavugwi Kemoli, Brenda Kiprono, Eunice Muciri, Melody Monyangi Kerandi, Frankline Okutoyi, Harold Wafula, Cornelius Williams, Riadh Bouzid, Njambi Kiguta, Lynnette Opicho Sunguti, Githua Senior' Antonio, Dorothy Dottie-Kemi Liech, Henry Kimani D'mura, Mlamba James, Faith Mel Fayee, Hosea Otete, Oliech Eunice Hamisi, Marion Kiarie, Mohamed Billow, Somba Msuch Kimeu, Kelvin Mburu, Evans Donald Otieno, Biko Mang'ula, Eric Obino, Njoro Martian, Charlie Mwarimbo, Anthony Kiringo and Abdul Hablis.Systems Audit Office