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International advocates can post them all over town... in Pet Stores, Vet's Offices and Dog Runs would be good examples to gain support. Also, it would make a great impact to post at Bulgarian Embassies! BG advocates can post these flyers on news stations, internet cafes, metro/bus stations, parks, etc. Or, you can also post them wherever you know animal cruelty (poisoning, hanging, etc) takes place.
— with Danfo Drivers, Diane Rowles, Elizabeth Salz Leonelli and 23 othersDanfo Drivers, Diane Rowles, Elizabeth Salz Leonelli, Jane Smith, Maria Daines 'End Bsl', Adrienne Galler Lastra, Don Scott, Stef Mihaylova, stelvio baffetti, Al Chernoff, Adrian Rosario, Angie Leon, 'Carla Michelle 'Cami' Nkeodi, Christine Christine, Patsy Ayala Véliz, Yael Dierenrechten, Avril Simms, Gina Alexander, Sia Barbi, Nevena Dahlqvist, Stella Blanca Panzarino, Mary Janetos, Sophie Bertin, Deborah Von Brod, Blake Ford Hall and Erina Said.