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And, speaking of on the back, we are on the back end of our Tugg 12 Days of Christmas song! Today, I had to go upstairs and chase Heimdall, the kitty, back down, but not before he could chew through the cord for daddy's razor. Daddy wasn't happy, but at least he knew it wasn't me!
OK, we are on day 11. Chasing the kitty up the stairs gave me the idea for today's photo setting! Welcome to day 11! ♪♫♪ On the 11th day of Christmas... 11 Tugg pink wrist bands! 10 evil doers, nine hero disguises, eight Nicky D's milkshakes, seven ducks a swimming, six plastic Easter eggs; Five different collars! four kitty paws, three lighted bull terriers, two turtle and Dove candies and a cartridge in a bare tree...♪♫♪