What to know about CNN's The Next List


(1) Can we watch The Next List Online?

So it’s like this, entire episodes of The Next List can currently only be seen Sundays @ 2PM ET on CNN. We hope you’ll watch or set your dvr. Portions of each episode can also be seen at cnn.com/thenextlist and on Vimeo at http://vimeo.com/cnnthenextlist/videos

(2) Is The Next List aired outside the United States?

Not yet. But if and when that changes we promise to tell you in multiple languages.

(3) How do you find the people you profile on The Next List?

Great question! We read…a lot! Books, magazines, blogs, newspapers you name it, we read it. And when we happen to stumble upon someone we think fits the show we research…a lot! After that we have to pitch the person to the rest of The Next List family to see what they think and believe me, that’s when it gets really fun. Arguments, food fights and the occasional passionate plea. Sometimes a former Next Lister will also suggest someone to us like in the case of Heather Knight telling us about Syyn Labs which also led to Dale Dougherty from Make magazine.

(4) I know someone who would be perfect for The Next List - what are the criteria for being featured on the show?

We haven’t yet established the proper protocol for taking pitches from non-employees of The Next List / CNN but here’s what we look for when we’re searching and researching; brilliant, intellectually curious game changers with a great back-story. In the near-future we hope to officially accept submissions from the public.

(5) What is Dr Gupta really like?

First of all we call him Sanjay and he’s brilliant. He’s also intellectually curious, funny and willing to do most anything for a story – see him here http://whatsnext.blogs.cnn.com/2012/01/18/sanjay-gupta-fire-eater/ consuming a stick that was on fire for more evidence of that.

(6) Are the Next Listers you profile as awesome in real life as they appear in the show?

Yes. Sometimes awesome-er.

(7) I noticed that every Next Lister writes his/her name backwards on a window. What gives?

This is our small tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the greatest innovators of all time. Da Vinci was an artist, architect, scientist, mathematician, geologist, inventor, engineer, sculptor and is known for his “mirror” writing. So as we considered today’s list of innovators we thought it would be interesting to have them sign their own name to that list…backwards. It’s actually easier than you might think. Try it!

(8) How long does it take to produce an episode of The Next List?

Tough question! Ask any producer on the show and they’ll give you a different response but the short answer is – we’ll take as much time as we can get. Some “Next Listers” we meet can only provide limited time for interviews (for example we spent only a day with ukulele genius Jake Shimabukuro who was on a fiercely tight tour schedule) while others have more time to give. Once the main interviews are done we like to spend time collecting b-roll and additional supporting interviews. Then comes transcribing, music selection, graphic creation and about a week of edit. Add in research time and other prep time and it can take 2 months to get a show done. It can also be 2 weeks but don’t tell our boss that.

(9) Can I purchase an episode of The Next List?

While we think they make wonderful gifts for any occasion episodes of The Next List are currently not for sale.

(10) Speaking of purchases - we’ve seen hats and shirts with The Next List logo on them…where can we buy that stuff?

Well there’s good news and bad news. We don’t sell The Next List merchandise but sometimes (SOMETIMES!) we have it to give away. When we’re out at events (like SXSW) find us and we’ll do our best to share what we’ve got. We’ll be sure to tell you through facebook, twitter and cnn/com/thenextlist whenever we are out and about but until then….thanks for all the support.
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