#14 "Boy, Sis, Mom & Dog Film Bigfoot" 10/16/10


#14 "Boy, Sister, Mom and Dog film Bigfoot in Backyard" 10/16/10 Eleven year old boy uses his HD flip camera to capture the best image of a Sasquatch foot lifting and rising w/ twist. Showing back-end of the inline step and compliant gate. Confirms on almost every physiological and morphological point. This is a wonderful recording of a real genuine encounter. (Video found, authenticated... w/ a key enhancement by Chris Noel)

Email from boys' father"My 11 yo son filmed this video. He claims he saw it about 2 years ago same location but no other sightings or other video. He told me he looked out at the hillside and saw a small tree bend. He was going to grab his air-soft gun because he thought it was a deer. It hung out by the treeline for a minute. He grabbed the video and was filming through the window. The video becomes shaky when he opens the window. Then he yelled and it moved up the hill and was gone. It is a very wooded area next to the pond not a lot of human activity over there. We will be on the lookout to capture more footage/pics. My wife thinks we should call the sheriff but I don't want this to turn into a circus. I hope the video he captured can be useful to someone."
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