The Earles-Bennett Crew Entry for O'Steen VW Jetta Jam!

Ashley Earles-BennettO'Steen Volkswagen

In 2003 I bought my first O'Steen Jetta from my friend who was moving to India. I love my car, but after years of driving my little sisters around, driving back and forth from college to work, driving our doggies to the vet, my Jetta has taken a beating. I need a new car desperately. Please "Like" our video on the "O'Steen VW Jetta Jam" Facebook page so that we have a chance to win a new car. Thanks in advance. Take care. (Good luck to the other contestants!) Your pals, Ash, Josh, Bella, Tori, and Doggies
— with Joshua Earles-Bennett and Bella Banta.Ashley Earles-Bennett
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