2011 TRUE Seminole Video


2011 TRUE Seminole Video. Shirt Coming in Fall. IT'S OUR TIME!!

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Director/Editor: Clay Greenhaw Photography: Chris Ruth and Clay Greenhaw Writer/FX Supervisor: Brad Blanar Project Lead: Jared Schrader and Sara White
— with Marcus Andrew, Ashley Dias, Derril Bleakley Beech and 23 othersMarcus Andrew, Ashley Dias, Derril Bleakley Beech, Rachel Catalano, Arielle Haynes Burnette, Brian RL, Jaine Leonard, Dustin Hopkins, Charlie Barnes, Sara White, Liz Jennewein, John Heath Wilson, Nikki Ticknor, Isiah L. Williams, Christian Jones, Erika Cantor, Greg Reid, Bert Reed, Jermaine Thomas, Shane Cummings, Karry Pomes, Stanley Wakefield Jr., Rachel Liniger, Joe IV, Jared Schrader and Jeff Luc.
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