Here it is! 5 Magazine's 5 Year Anniversary trailer...this is from months and months of us running around interviewing people and checking out Chicago's many House music events. If you're tagged, then that means you're in it. There is a tag limit so I've uploaded this video twice to add more names.
I tried to get in as many people and places as I could, but there's
only one of me so of course... I couldn't possibly get everything. Thank
you to Eric "esmoove" Miller for spending 9 hours of final editing time
with me, your help was invaluable.

The 40 individual artist videos and songs will begin launching on Aug. 16th, 2010.

Enjoy everyone!
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— with Tim Bush, Green Velvet, Mike Dunn and 41 othersTim Bush, Green Velvet, Mike Dunn, Chip Chip E. Eberhart, Darlene Jackson, DeejayDeeon Boyd, Dwayne Washington, Jamie Threetoosix, Terry Hunter, Mark Grant, James Curd, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Paul Therealthing Johnson, Frankie Knuckles, Leonard Part Sixx, Colette Nicholas, Abicah Sole, Ron Trent, Thomas DjSlugo Kendricks, Chris Santiago, Steve Silk Hurley, Craig Loftis, Kris Anderson, Benjamin Kristof Rakun, Tyree Cooper, Josh Laurence, Jp SoRo, Michael Serafini, So House, Claude Lowery-So House, RaleighMarie Pro, David Sabat II, Jp Lubow, Mazi Namvar, Cesar Hernandez, Gene Hunt, Rees Urban, Gene Farris, Gant-Man Jukin Garrard Wilson, Joe Smooth, Maurice Joshua, Lego Rodriguez, Ron Carroll and Djliljohn Coleman.Czarina Mirani
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