Wrangler Stop Thinking : Bailing in Belgium - The Video Evidence


It's Friday, it's nearly the weekend, you're on Facebook instead of finishing your work. Good, then allow us to provide you with some video material to aid your skiving efforts.

As you know by now, this week we challenged 4 people of the UK to Stop Thinking, drop everything and come and do something extraordinary with us.

They did. Here's the video evidence. In full glorious technicolour. ...Enjoy.

Think you have what it takes too? For the chance to get involved in our next challenge:

1. Become a fan of www.facebook.com/wrangler and await further instructions.
2. You will need to love speed.
3. You will need to drop everything.
4. You will need to Stop Thinking.
5. You can also pick up a priority pass from www.stopthinking.co.uk.
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— with Graham Newlands, Matthew Doughty, Danni Osborne, Kelvin Fred-Horsfall and Laurence Mozafari.
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