Presentation for Jacksonville American Advertising Federation

I rocked my fancy Geary Interactive shirt (with an iPhone velcro'd to it) for a presentation to the Jacksonville AAF. We had breakfast together and I discussed, social media and Plax! ps - If I tagged you in the video, I talked about you or showed your shirt company. Feel free to leave feedback, sorry about low-def video.
— with Kelly Moorman, Sean McCambridge, Kendall Ryan Barsin and 17 othersKelly Moorman, Sean McCambridge, Kendall Ryan Barsin, Caron Streibich, Tony Hsieh, Brett Houchin, Chadwick Sakonchick, Meagan Walker, Jake Hurwitz, Rachel Hines, Ken Surritte, Amir Blumenfeld, Evan White, Elena Freed, Michelle Hamman, Brad Hunstable, Bobby Bowers, Chuck Anderson, Scott Rench and Melonie Gallegos.Jason SurfrApp
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