50 SEOs, 1 Question - Search Engine Strategies, London 2009


At SES London 2009 we asked 50 SEOs all the same question. Is the industry divided on the issue? Can we all get along? Find out.

If you spot yourself or any of your friends please tag yourself and let us know what company you are from in the comments!

Feel free to embed the video anywhere you like. Maybe you can link back here or to the SES Facebook Group?...

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— with Andrew R H Girdwood, Greg Jarboe, Cindy Krum and 12 othersAndrew R H Girdwood, Greg Jarboe, Cindy Krum, Jon Myers, Mike Grehan, Lisa D Myers, Matt Bailey, Steven Riley, Judith 'deCabbit' Lewis, Pete Wailes, Jeff Ferguson, Will Critchlow, Frank Watson, Liana Li Evans and Rubén Martínez.Jonathan Allen
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