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Amy Inglis
· March 27, 2018
Had the best morning with Masa and Mari...went mountain biking through their village, saw the beautiful cherry blossoms and picturesque Mount Fuji. I also got to wear a kimono and see some amazing around fujinomiya. Thank you so much..! I highly recommend this tour for anyone who wants to see more of Japan and get out of the hustle and bustle See More
Arved Friedemann
· March 28, 2018
First things first: We had under the funniest circumstances the most awesome tour on a most awesome day. There is no way we could have experienced Japan like we did without these gals and guys!

For u...s it started the evening before. We got to this small town, Fujinomiya, that because of it having Fuji in its name must be a town that was meant to show people the beautiful Fuji san. So we thought. But when arriving at our stay and searching the web for traveling possibilities like sightseeing busses to the vulcano, there really wasn't much popping up. We had a backup plan that could not exactly have been called satisfying.
That changed when the next morning a guide from En-ya showed up at our door. Our Host had failed to inform us about the mail En-ya had send him, and so they really kindly payed our stay a visit, asking whether we wanted to go on a tour around the Fuji san Area. It was like they had been send from heaven. It was one of these adventures that are so cool that you only find them out of pure luck.
The tour consisted of a beautiful bike ride through the japanese countryside near the mount Fuji. The tour was well planned and led us to the beautiful cherry blossom trees, through the rice and vegetable fields and into the typical japanese bamboo medows. As we had been traveling by train so far we had only seen the big towns by now, but seeing the countryside with these well prepared spots was an amazingly relaxing view of Japan. Also, the tour wasn't exhausing, so everyone could keep up and enjoy the wonderful view, of course always including the Fuji san.

Though still being widely insufficient in level I studied Japanese quite a bit as it is often necessary to get around in the country. Not so with the guides from this tour. They were perfectly fluent in English and for the first time we could ask questions about Japan and really recieve detailed answers. How does Japanese farming work? How are the japanese festivals held? How is the Japanese way of life implemented? The guides even operated as translators for a local farmer who was telling us how he managed to grow organic food in Japan. The insides they showed us were nothing like we had seen before on our route to Kyoto, Beppu and back to Tokyo.

In the end we got the chance to try out wearing a Kimono. The concept of their tour is, among other nice things, to get in touch with the local artists and cultural craftspeople to give them a platform to bring japanese culture further out into the world. So we hopped by a shop for kimonos and even visited other local attractions we hadn't been aware of when going on our own. In the evening we had nothing left but awe for the great experience.

I can recomment this tour for anyone trying to get out of the big turistic facade. This tour provides a cultural experience for Japan that is usually only available as a secret tipp. Also big thanks to the guides for being so open for discussions and providing us with everithing we needed. Your engagement is amazing. To everyone visiting the Fuji Area: Please hop onto one of En-ya's tours, it is a view no book nor blog could have provided!
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Amazing Wisteria flowers at Wakutama pond & Wagashi Sweets making taught by the Japanese sweets artisan, Sensei. Thank you for coming from Brunei & Singapore! Have a nice journey!! #fujinomiya #mtfuji #Wagashi

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Start cycling tours for our guests from Brunei and Singapore!!! #mtfuji #cycling #bike

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